Andrea Sanchez.png

Andrea Sanchez
Lemon Squeezer

Home Base: Naples, FL

Andrea co-founded online store, Cacique Boutique, in 2010 where she gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in digital design and online marketing. With the success of her e-commerce business, Andrea decided to propel this passion into the creation of Lemonade Hype. Andrea and her team pride themselves on delivering effective websites, with social media success and a bold brand aesthetic. Whether you need a website, graphic design, social media posts or an entire digital marketing campaign, Lemonade Hype has you covered!

Ingrid Solberg.png

design Squeezer

Home Base: Maui, HI

Ingrid is a 23 year old mother living on the beautiful island of Maui. She believes nothing in life is perfect but, feels like the luckiest girl on earth - “I am living the life I’ve always imagined.” Ingrid specializes in social media branding and consulting.

Emma Moore.png

design Squeezer

Home Base: Kona, HI

Emma is an open-eyed dreamer from the islands of Hawaii with a zest for life that shows in her every move. She believes that we can do anything we put our minds to and has accomplished great heights of her own as a young adult. At seventeen, Emma took off solo and traveled around the world, volunteering and documenting her experiences along the way with her camera and blog. Since then she has continued her world travels, graduated with a BS in Marketing from University of Hawaii at Manoa in three years and is making a name for herself in Hawaii. Emma carries her passion for life into her work, specializing in web design, photography, social media marketing, and content creation!

emma kenline.png

design Squeezer

Home Base: San Francisco, CA

Emma is a creative experience/event designer who’s passionate about advertising brand stunts and graphic design. She was born in the North, raised in the South, and lives out west in San Francisco. As often as you find her working late in the studio crafting something new, she believes the best inspiration is found outside of the office. She has a degree in Advertising from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and wants to use her skills to travel and experience the world as a visionary.

Marile Franco.png

DESIGN Squeezer

Home Base: Naples, FL

Marile Franco is an artist and designer based in Southwest Florida who holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Art and concentration in Digital Media Design. She offers clients unique creative solutions with her distinctive design work. 

Kaitlyn Dorman.png

Kaitlyn Dorman
Creative Squeezer

Home Base: Key Largo, FL

Kaitlyn is a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University majoring in marketing. She has been signed with Next Model Management in Miami since she was 15, and spent much of her teens/early twenties traveling and working in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Her exposure to a large variety of markets/cultures has honed her eye for creativity. Her creative eye and marketing education makes for a killer combo that is sure to help your business succeed.

Sahiba 2.png

Sahiba Pannu
Content Squeezer

Home Base: Singapore

Sahiba specializes in social media posting, content writing and visual communication design. With a degree in Design Communication, Sahiba has a keen eye for cutting-edge branding and is passionate about sustainable design with a purpose.

Claudia Morillo.png

Claudia Morillo
SEO Squeezer

Home Base: Naples, FL

If you want to rank high on Google, Claudia is your go-to person! With over 10 years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), Claudia will revamp your site with the effective tools to get your name out into the interwebs. 


Mallory cohen
CONTENT Squeezer

Home Base: Orlando

Mallory is an open minded positive go-getter! Originally from South Florida and now located in Orlando, she graduated with a degree in Business Psychology with experience in project management, community engagement & networking, event planning and influencer marketing. She has an eye for design and can bring your business to the next level because she thinks outside of the box! She believes in the law of attraction and has a passion for fitness, adventure, photography and the ocean! She is a strong communicator and loves to meet new people and learn!